Freebies on the Amazon App Store

If you have Android devices, then I hope that you already know that Amazon has a free app every day. It’s worth checking it out, even if you only download one or two of them a month. Many of them are games, and I can’t say I’m much of a gamer, but there are other things as well – photo editors, document scanners, scientific toys, etc.

The reason that I’ve chosen to bring this up today is that this is one of the rarer occasions when Amazon does something special and has a large number of freebies. Today is a relatively small day, with $90 worth of free apps, but there are sometimes – like Christmas for instance – when their specials are even larger.

The only cooking-related app today is a 150 Cupcake recipe app, and as we’re watching our waistlines (and prefer not to watch them expand) I chose to forgo that one. If you are baking for school age kids, however, and have lots of little mouths to feed, it might be just the thing for the next party plan.

I’ll try to remember to post a blip when I notice that Amazon has one of these larger give-aways, but keep your eyes open for the day-to-day free apps. You never know what you’ll find. Happy hunting!



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