Alaska – Living at the End of the Road

Living in Alaska is certainly an adventure. Some people come here for that very reason. Afterall, they don’t call it “The Last Frontier” for nothing. We are fortunate enough to have a lovely home on a hill near town with electricity, heat, running water and indoor toilets. I have the audacity to complain, on occasion, that I miss cable television and that our internet connection is too slow.

Many people here in Alaska live in dry cabins with electricity but use wood stoves for heat and have outhouses – yes, you got that right – even at 40 or 50 below. Still others live “off the grid” or “in the bush” and are completely self-sustaining. No electricity, no telephones, no cell phone service. They come into town every month or so for supplies. Some of them still pan for gold to get “spending money.”

It’s an interesting place to live. We’ll post things here about life in Alaska. Even links to articles about things that happen here that we find particularly zany or interesting. Enjoy.


Salut! Your thoughts?

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