Odd Fridays – Fabulous Freebies & Other Cool Stuff – First & Third Fridays

It’s time this category stepped into the lime light and got the love it deserves. Besides, everybody needs a little something for nothing every now and again. For those of you who missed my post about the daily free app on the Amazon app store the other day, I’ve linked to it here so you don’t miss out. (Sadly, I don’t own any Apple devices, so I fear I can’t be very helpful in that department.)

For today’s offering, I’m sending you off on the world wide web to the Fage Greek Yogurt website. It is absolutely chockerblock full of great recipes for a multitude of ways to use their tasty Greek yogurt. Not just desserts and breakfast and toppings, but sauces and dips and side dishes. Not only that, but Greek yogurt is healthy (as long as you don’t get the stuff with tons of added sugar) and loaded with protein.

Enjoy these fabulous recipes – and to get this great yogurt for less, try Sam’s Club!


Salut! Your thoughts?

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