Words and Salsa

Blogging 101  has been a lot of fun, even if the technological challenges of maintaining my participation have been a bit trying. I’m learning so much about why other folks choose to blog and enjoying their sources of inspiration. I’m not likely to change what I usually choose to blog about – though I will undoubtedly continue to have the odd rant and the occasional wild hair, as these can not be helped.

Although the blogs I choose to read vary somewhat from day to day, my favorite subject is still food. I was temporarily waylaid by a word game (thanks, Kelliblogs for bringing it to my attention) and even composed a response, but to my extreme disappointment, I couldn’t stay on the web long enough yesterday to play Wicked Word Wednesday. I’ll do my best to get back there next Wednesday, believe you me!

At my next opportunity to get on line, I was, inevitably drawn back to food. In this case, as I have been in the mood for canning, I settled on homemade salsa. I found another fun kitchen blog called the Crowded Earth Kitchen with a great salsa recipe. I’m a bit jealous that she has tomatoes, but I have lots of green ones, and they’re bound to turn red or yellow soon! I can’t wait to try the recipe. Follow the link above and check out the blog – and the salsa recipe.

I’ll keep trying to improve the blog’s appearance as I learn more fun stuff. These folks are a wealth of information. I’ll also try to work on at least one regular DIY Bistro blog over the next few days…


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