Odd Fridays – Couponing to Stretch Your Budget

There’s nothing quite like a bargain, unless it’s the thrill you get telling people about it. I’m always amused by people who would rather you thought they paid full price for an expensive item. As if it isn’t the same item if you get it for half price! For me, there is something so incredibly satisfying about getting a good deal; a real sense of accomplishment.

I absolutely love our deck furniture, but we wouldn’t own it if it hadn’t been on sale. I am still so happy about that bargain that if someone admires it, I’m likely to come right out and tell them that I got it at the end of the season at 75% off. I am somewhat ashamed if I have to admit to paying full price for something, unless it’s a gift that I didn’t have adequate time to shop for. Some situations just call for drastic measures.

My wonderful sister, Janis – who has graciously agreed to do a guest post for me in a few weeks – is one of those magical couponing gurus. She can go into a grocery store with a huge list and a ream of coupons and come out with everything she went in to buy for under $20. I’ve asked her to share some of her secrets so that the rest of us can do a little better at the checkout as well.

wpid-blog_fff1.pngOne of the gems that she has already given me is a great site where you can find coupons for lots of different stores and products all in one place. Follow this link to What’s your Deal.com –  an amazing one – stop spot for coupons, deals and BOGOs. The T-shirt graphic that we’ve used to announce Janis’ upcoming guest post is our take on a What’s Your Deal favorite, which is pictured here.

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-22-12-08-29-1.pngAnd here is the link, in case you want to order one of your own. As for me, I fear it’s a bit premature. With Janis to help me, I may eventually reach that point, but I’m nowhere near her price class yet.


Salut! Your thoughts?

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