Odd Friday – Epicurious! It’s Free & Cool!

If you haven’t tried Epicurious, we urge you to give this great recipe site/app a look. At Epicurious.com you can explore all sorts of new ideas and flavors. If you’re struggling to sort out what you’d like to make for dinner, there are some really amazing recipes to be found there. From their “Recipes and Menus” page to their Newest Recipes (about mid-way down the home-page), which you can even get delivered right to your inbox. It’s a beautiful and inspiring site that makes you want to head right for the kitchen.

The app – which is available free for Android and Apple devices – is also extremely handy. You can find recipes in 2 different ways. The first is, of course, to search for recipes by name. If you search for “Bolognese” you’ll get several different recipes for Bolognese sauce as well as different dishes that you can make with a Bolognese sauce. Each recipe is rated with cute little green forks; one to four forks, depending on how good it is, as well as a percentage rating based on the number of people who liked the recipe well enough to want to prepare it again. A truly cook-friendly approach.

The other really amazing aspect of this app – and this falls into the “Cool Stuff” category – is that, if you tell it what ingredients you have on hand, it will actually give you suggestions as to what you can do with them! AWESOME! On those evenings when your mind is even too drained to come up with the simplest of meals, Epicurious to the rescue! It will give you 60 suggestions for what you can do with chicken, tomatoes and noodles. Did I say awesome?

For those of you who tried this app during its glitchy “This cheese course” days, – and if you did, you know exactly what I’m talking about – take heart. They seem to have debugged it at last. Jon had gotten so fed up with having that intro on (what seemed like 60 percent of) the recipes we looked at that he had given up and deleted the app. Now that they’ve fixed it, however, he’s edging back toward being a fan.

This useful app has some other fun functions that I haven’t taken advantage of, like a “Shopping List”, and you can also save the recipes that you like to your “Favorites” list, making it easier to find them the next time you want to make them. I have this on the 7″ Asus pad that I use primarily in the kitchen, as well as on my phone. It’s a helpful way to figure out just how you can use those Manager’s Specials BEFORE you buy them!


Salut! Your thoughts?

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